Hotel Skiathos - Greece

The island of Skiathos is one of the Sporades islands that lie in front of the port city of Volos. If you arrive in Volos by ship, you can see the white houses with vermilion tiled roofs from afar. This was chosen as the basic idea of ​​the hotel: "The picturesque village" A first-class hotel is to be built on a beautiful slope with two beautiful bays ... It will be built in the traditional Greek architectural spirit and method. The picturesque village with its winding streets and 2-3 storey houses, with its narrow staircases, cozy patios, is located on gentle cliffs in the middle of a green oasis, full of botanical sights. Sidewalks and small squares encourage hiking and lingering in a nature park that reflects the flora of all of Greece. Each house has only a few residential units - rooms or studios - apartments. From every window one looks directly at the sea or in the magnificent garden and then in the distance again at the sea.