About us

From a philosophical point of view, our architectural solution approaches for the construction task at hand are based on the naturalness of the building in its surroundings, without having to hide in the crowd due to a lack of identity or character. These solution approaches are carried out after intensive examination of the task at hand, with spontaneous creativity, with the help of different design methods, with room for feeling and non-quantifiable factors, in any case always in dialogue. The developed approaches are represented 3-dimensionally with the help of CAD programs and thus checked and condensed for their internal connections and suitability in space, undergo economic tests again and again in order to be presented to the client in an easily understandable way. From a pragmatic point of view, we maintain a good relationship with the authorities and building legislation, but still look for the limits and then opportunities to shift them in favor of the design in order to be able to offer the client the best possible solution. We are interested in new technologies and always try to keep our finger on the pulse, we use modern software and equipment in all areas, but we never lose touch with the roots of our job - the sheet of paper and the pencil continue to play an essential role.