About us

The architectural firm was founded in 1974 by architect Albert Zweymüller, who lectured at the Technical University of Vienna during this time. Meanwhile, it has grown into a family business. Since 1990, we mainly deal with development and its marketing, either on behalf of clients or for own projects.
We are a reliable and effective family - the combination of decades of experience and youthful flexibility and innovation distinguishes our work.

Our areas of activity in the last decades included numerous public contracts. These include, administrative buildings , university buildings and hospitals. Even delicate historic preservation tasks are among our specialties. Thus, for example, renovations and exhibition design with display cases in the viennese Hofburg.

In the retail sector we have worked from plannning until letting of the units, i.e. an area of 95,000 m² of floor space, in the immediate vicinity of the SCS (the largest viennese shopping agglomeration), was developed to a net sales area of ??85,000 m².

We engage ourselves in design - interior design, furniture design and industrial design, and are always working on new solutions and innovations.
Due to the diverse and completely distinct tasks with which we have dealt in the past, results in an innovative approach to each one, with which we strive to continually solve in favor of the users and the long-term viability. Thereby the value of preservation of our work is very important to us to ensure the marketing. Architecture reflects the society and its values, as well as their social system and characterizes them. We want to help and improve with our work by using resource-friendly application of materials and energy.

Our philosophy: Architecture is neither fashion nor show

Architecture is the intermediary between human - buildings - his environment/nature, and should be adaptable to the changing needs of its users, be 'habitable' and sustainable.
The house for people, who spend so many hours of their lives inside, is an exciting task, which is to be solved with care.
The right building at the right place, at the right time.